Local Community

Charity Gaming Association

Region: Wellington
Town: Wellington

The Community Gaming Association does not make grants - that is the responsibility of its members.
So, if your organization needs funds you must make an application to one of the trusts.

Each of the CGA member trusts has a range of community activities it will make grants for - you can find out which activities by having a look at their website.

Once you've worked out whether your project or activity fits within the criteria of one of the trusts you will need to go through their application process.

Here are some important things to remember:

  • gather all the information you need before submitting your application
  • get your application in ahead of time
  • if its a big project seek support from more than one trust (but let each trust know what you are doing - the trusts operate an application matching system to ensure the money is distributed equitably)
  • if you don't use all the money for the purpose it was granted for the money left over has to go back to the trust
  • your use of the money may be subject to audit
  • trust grant money is public money and therefore grants and grant processes are carefully scrutinised and audited 

Website: http://www.cga.org.nz

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