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NZ Community Trust

Region: Wellington

Be the first choice gaming society.

Maximise funding returned to amateur sport and the community.

Kiwis love their sport, and NZCT loves helping them enjoy and participate in their sporting passions. We are excited about the difference we make to sporting organisations all across the country. Whether it's a school group or adult team, we help New Zealanders of all ages and abilities to take part in just about every imaginable sporting code. Check out our Sports Fact Sheet to see why Kiwis value sport so much.

Every year, we give millions of dollars in grants to thousands of applicants from a huge range of sporting groups - from rugby and netball to kayaking and lawn bowls. We are proud to be one of New Zealand's biggest funders of amateur sport.

While sport is our primary focus, we also provide funds for charitable purposes such as rescue and life-saving services, education, health, the arts, cultural and community groups. Our funds come from NZCT operators up and down the country who run our gaming machines in their hotels, bars and clubs. Check out our Grants Fact Sheet to see the size of our contribution.

We're committed to ensuring money goes back into the communities in which it was raised. NZCT has set up a number of Regional Advisory Committees around the country. These groups of reputable local people provide advice about funding in their area. Each year we make approximately 2500 grants, distributing around $40 million to communities throughout New Zealand. We work hard to ensure NZCT works in the best interest of your community. Learn more about us by downloading our NZCT Backgrounder.

Website: http://www.nzct.org.nz/

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